Please read through our helpful FAQ's to find an answer to questions you may have about our services. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Will a sprinkler system damage my lawn?

Yes. It will look like a war zone during installation, but when the system is complete you’ll hardly know we were there.


How much does a system cost?

Cost varies depending on the following: property size, areas needing water of different amounts, etc…


Will a sprinkler system save me money?

With an irrigation system you will not use as much water because all areas watered are managed by an electronic controller.


How much will my monthly water bill increase? 
This depends on water usage. If you already water your property on a regular schedule you will most likely save money because it is being managed in a more reliable way.


Can I run the system myself?



Can I get another booklet for the controller?

Yes, online at


Is it okay to water at night? When is the best time to water?

We set the system to run in the early am so as not to interfere with your daily routine (i.e. showers, dishwasher, laundry)


How do I know I have enough water to run a system?

The system is broken down into zones according to how much water your home can deliver. Your licensed irrigation contractor will have the knowledge and equipment to determine how many gallons per minute your home can deliver to the irrigation system.


Do the heads all come on at once?

No, the system is broken up into zones so that those zones have enough pressure to water properly.


Do we provide a diagram of the system?

We can upon request, but for a nominal fee.


How will you find my underground utilities?

We call for a “markout” of the property. A markout is called by your irrigation contractor. It is a free service performed by different utility companies who use electronic locators to determine and mark where all of the underground public utilities are running on the property (i.e. gas, electric, cable, telephone). The property owner is responsible to notify the irrigation contractor of any private underground utilities (i.e sump pump, drainage pipes, lighting, dog fence, etc..) prior to installation.


Can you get across my sidewalk or under my driveway?

Yes, we are equipped with several different pieces of equipment designed to perform this task.


Do I need a permit?

Most towns and boroughs require permits. Check with your local municipality.


Do I need plumbing?

Yes. We recommend using your own plumber or we can suggest a fully licensed competent company to take care of the plumbing necessary.


Do I need electric?

Yes. A minimum of an electrical outlet would be required to run the system. A garage, shed, or outdoor location is preferred.


Can you install one portion of the yard and add to it later?

Yes. A system can be very easily added to.


What brand of material do we use?

Dew Drop Lawn Sprinklers is a certified Gold Select Contractor for Rain Bird products.


What happens if I don’t winterize the system?

Unlike warmer climates, our cold winters can freeze the ground thus freezing the water left in the pipes. If this happens your system will freeze and costly repairs may be needed in the spring.


Can I activate myself?



Can I adjust the heads myself? 


What if the heads won’t go down or get stuck on?

Tap on the head first to see if it goes down. If it continues to stay up call for service.


Will the system come on in the rain?

Not likely. By law, all systems installed today must be equipped with a moisture sensor.


How much does the plumbing cost?

Depends on level of difficulty and the area in which the plumbing will be done.


Can I do my own plumbing? 
Yes. A license is not required for homeowners to perform plumbing on their own home.


Why can’t Dew Drop do the plumbing?

We are a licensed irrigation contractor, not licensed plumbers.





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